Is an alarm system expensive?


The cost of an alarm system really depends on your individual needs. Our sales representatives are trained to work with you in identifying the most cost-effective system to meet your needs.

Is there a discount with my insurance company if I get an alarm system?


Most insurance companies do give a discount to alarm system owners who are monitored by a UL listed Monitoring Station.

What is the advantage of having monitored smoke detectors?


Having a monitored smoke detector at your premises ensures that the fire department will be contacted if you have a fire emergency. A good photoelectric smoke detector will detect smoke particles caused by even a slow smoldering fire. The smoke detector is powered continually and the George Alarm security system supervises its condition. With this service, you can rest easy, knowing that your smoke detector is continuously monitored through a 24 hour zone, even when your alarm system is not armed.

What if I have pets in my house?


The latest design in motion sensors allow for pet movement while still providing protection. A pet immune motion sensor is designed so that a pet that is under a certain weight will not cause the alarm to trigger. This is achieved through state of the art, dual sensor technology, located in the motion device.

What does a U.L. Certified Company mean?


U.L. stands for Underwriters Laboratories, an independent testing organization that sets the quality and use standards for electronic and consumer products. A U.L. Listed Central Station must meet strict guidelines, as well as rigorous annual inspections. In addition, alarms monitored by a U.L. Listed Central Station may qualify for a discount on most insurance policies. You can view the U.L. Online Certification for George Alarm here.





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